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Move over Canada and the USA, because better destinations are here for students. According to sources, Finland spends more than 5% of their GDP on education. And according to other data, 2.9 million students enrolled in schools in 2020 Japan. Along with these two, there are some other beneficial destinations that you must keep on your list while thinking of studying abroad.

These countries have top-notch schools, tutors, and qualified ghostwriters, to help with your assignments. So, without further ado, read more about these countries, and select your preferred destination for higher education.

1. Finland

Although Finland is one of the smallest nations in the world, it has the strongest education system. In 2021 more than 31,000 students in Finland have completed their academic degrees every year. Furthermore, the schools do not discriminate between their strong and weak students.

A ghostwriter, who writes online blogs on students’ lives in Finland, says every student residing in the nation is a high achiever and academic thinker. So, if you plan to nourish your academic skills and climb the professional ladder, Finland is your destination. For more information about ghostwriters, you have to read My Assignment Help Review

2. Japan

Japan is more than aesthetic animes and breathtaking cherry blossoms. Japan ranks number 2 in the global annual academic performance report. And more than 99% of residents of the nation are educated. You can study anything from economics to automobile engineering to animation in Japan.

Furthermore, while studying there, you can enjoy serene landscapes, Mount Fuji and other historic sites. So, dive into the land of technology and come out with enhanced knowledge and a degree that no corporation can ignore.

3. Australia

Life is rocking when down under; that’s Australia for you. More than 38% of adults are educated in Australia with a college degree. Furthermore, in Australia, the student-teacher ratio is 14:1. You can also study and work in Australia and turn in your student visa right after graduation.

An essay ghostwriter living in Australia states that more than 57% of students living in the country are engaged in both work and study. So, Australia is your place whether you are a tourism and hospitality management student or a psychology student.

4. South Korea

South Korea, if you thought aced only in pop culture, you would be wrong. South Korea is so much more than that. You can study anything you want in South Korea, from genetics to cosmetology and film studies. In addition, South Korea has a 99.9% literacy rate, and almost every citizen in South Korea has a well-paid job.

Furthermore, South Korea is your place to be if you are a woman. South Korea is known for its women’s safety. And you can live and travel anywhere in the country without feeling any danger.

5. Norway

Norway is one of the best countries to live in. Norway is definitely the place for romantics, a nation dipped in mythological mystery and wrapped with high-end technology. Norway is known for its 100% literacy and high-paid jobs for its students. You can learn Agriculture, Health Management, Archeology, Mythology and much more.

George Hagen, a Norwegian English professor and academic ghostwriter, says Norway is the best country to live and work in. And indeed, why would you live anywhere else than the land of Freyja? So, apply to every Nordic school and prepare to change your life.

6. Singapore

Now, after exploring the west, it’s time again to explore Asia, as Singapore is number 6 on our list. As of recent data, more than 76 thousand students live and study in Singapore. You can study films, art, Polytechnic, and engineering in Singapore. Furthermore, you can enjoy top-notch student life in the nation.

And the best part about Singapore is that, unlike its other Asian counterparts on our list, you can speak English in your universities. So, if you are ready to make a scientific breakthrough and make a mark in modern technology, Singapore is the place to be.

7. Germany

Do you want top-class education at an affordable cost? Then Germany is your ideal destination. Most German universities are run by their state and minor government interference. Furthermore, Germany has a 99% education rate, with most students completing their college education.

From Business Management to Industrial Engineering and Medicine, you can study whatever you please in Germany. So, if you want education and some great spot to drink beer, then Germany is the place to be; apply today.

8. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a scenic nation with a more than 99% literacy rate and few of the best schools in Europe. Your regional tongue doesn’t matter; you can easily get into a Dutch university, as they offer multilingual courses.

And if you are an Agricultural student, then the Netherlands is your place. Apart from Agriculture, you can study liberal arts, Philosophy, Engineering and several other courses in the Netherlands. So, get top-class education and an upgraded lifestyle only in the Netherlands.

9. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is not a new name for several things. With a 99% literacy rate, the UK stands erect as one of the top nations for education and jobs. And the best part is you can earn while completing your education there.

An assignment writing service for ghostwriters in the UK stated that most students seeking academic help often have well-paid jobs and long-term plans of staying in the country. So, if you want sure shot future and want to study law, medicine and business management, the UK is your place.

Parting Words

Student life is the most vital phase of life. Thus, decide what you want to study and go to a country where you find a future for yourself. The countries on this list are some of the safest countries in the world. So, get out there, and achieve what’s yours. Best of luck!

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