Kacper Kozłowski: “New Lewandowski”

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Following Poland’s Euro 2020 training session, Brighton’s newest signing Kacper Kozłowski stayed behind to speak with Robert Lewandowski and coach Paulo Souza. He asked Kacper Kozłowski if he took the time to look at the coach’s video analysis. He said no, he didn’t have a computer.

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Michal Zachodny, an insider for the Polish national team, tells the story:

“Then Souza calls Robert over and says, ‘Get him a computer! No sooner said than done, although you rarely see such a connection between generations. But the attention to Kacper Kozłowski is understandable – he is considered the new hope of Poland.

Flattering, but hard. How can one even begin to think about surpassing a legend like Leva?

But in a sense, the young midfielder has already outstripped the Bayern player.

“Something special is expected from him, because he joined the national team much earlier, already took part in the Euro and thus achieved much faster what Lewandowski took years to achieve,” said Zakhodny, a journalist and analyst.

Brighton & Hove Albion paid £8m for the Pogon Szczecin player, kicking the player out in the middle of the season in Poland. Liverpool, Borussia, Barcelona and Ajax also claimed him, but in the end the player signed a contract for four and a half years with Brighton. But why?

To begin with, it should be noted that the English club is excellent at developing young talents. Technical director Dan Ashworth, who is being chased by Newcastle, helps here.

Brighton are also well known to the Poles – Jakub Moder plays here, who became the main player in the Graham Potter squad after moving from Lech in October 2020. Michal Karbovnik was also in the team until he went on loan to Olympiacos.

“If we compare these three, then Kacper Kozłowski surpasses them. It can be “eight” or “ten”. He loves to attack. He likes to play with the ball, go to the dribbles, make runs on the opponent’s half. He relies on instinct – you can’t call him a tactician. He is a player with no limits, because he does not even know they exist. For such a young footballer, he is very brave and is never afraid to take risks.”

When Kacper Kozłowski came out against Spain, he became the youngest ever player at Euro 2020, thus eclipsing Jude Bellingham.

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