What is the Drop Strategy to Win Rummy Games?



Rummy has been one of the most traditional card games in the whole world. There has been much debate about its origin; from Spain to Asian countries it has its folklore around it. However, in today’s world, people barely have access to and time to play rummy face-to-face. Therefore, physical rummy playing cards have transformed into an online game of skill. Moreover, there are two ways in which you can play this online game. 

You can play it just for fun and with online points, or you can play it for real cash prizes and gains. Now, when the game deals with a real cash prize and the likes, it becomes even more imperative to deal in rummy playing cards wisely. Therefore, you should know how to strategize correctly in order not to incur heavy losses. The option of ‘drop’ takes care of the same. 

The Drop Strategy

What it means to ‘drop’ –

The cards are dealt at random in the online game of rummy, which is much like a live casino. Therefore, it is no guarantee that you will always be dealt with a good hand. In such a scenario, you can “drop” out of the game, incurring a loss of a few points instead of big amounts. Likewise, if the cards you have been dealt with do not seem to form a proper sequence and/or sets, you can call for a drop. 

What Kinds of ‘drop’ are there in a rummy game

First Drop

If the cards dealt to you do not seem to make a sequence and/or sets, you can call for a drop before even playing a single game. When a player drops without playing any game at all, it is called a ‘First Drop.’ The penalty for a first drop is minimal, i.e., 20 points.

Middle Drop

You can find the set of cards in your hand having some potential. For example, you might feel like you can make a good sequence in the next two to three rounds. But even then, if you fail to do so, you can drop out before it is too late. The penalty for a middle drop is 40 points, which can be done any time after the first game. Moreover, if a player doesn’t play a game for three consecutive rounds, it is considered to be a middle drop by default. Therefore, the player in such a scenario incurs a loss of 40 points as well. 

When Do You Drop In a Rummy Game?

So, when should you consider a drop during a game of rummy? Mentioned below are some of the reasons to consider a drop:

  1. If the cards you are dealt with do not provide a pure sequence and carry high value, then it is advisable to go for a first drop. This is because the first and the primary rule to win in the game of rummy is to keep as low a scoring hand as possible. This will help you as you will not lose big, in case you lose a game.
  2. In case you are dealing with the majority of high-value cards and no joker cards, then you should consider dropping. This is because joker cards act as wildcards, and without them, even if you can make a pure sequence in the first round, it will become challenging to continue.
  3. In case you do not have even one pure sequence, you should look for joker cards. And in case you do not have those either, you should think of making a drop. This is because even though you might see a possibility of melding the cards in the upcoming rounds, it will be risky. There is always a risk of another player declaring before you even figure out your game. 
  4. In case you have multiple joker cards, but you do not possess any pure sequence, then you should consider dropping. Even if you have joker cards, without a pure sequence and other non-sequential cards, winning the round won’t be easy. 

Players can delve deeply into hand analysis and proceed accordingly. Rummy playing cards is exciting yet simple if you put your mind to hand analysis, which means analyzing the playing power based on the cards you are dealt with. 


It must be understood that although rummy has become an online card game, it involves the risk of incurring huge losses. Therefore, players worldwide are advised to improve their game plans by being smart and cautious. Even though it is a game of risk, much like every live casino game, it can be played by strategizing properly. A good, intelligent, and vetted player relies mainly on their analysis instead of random luck. Rather than losing the whole game and incurring huge losses, you can opt for the alternate play of dropping out of the game. Depending on what kind of drop you opt for – first or middle – you will incur a loss of merely 20 and 40 points, respectively. Hence, play safer, play better!

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