Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a harrowing experience for every man. Weak erections certainly cause a lot of problems in intimacy. To counter this, ED medications (PDE5 inhibitors) are available in plenty in the market. But which medicine should you take? How do they work? How long do you have to take them?

What is the dosage instruction? What are the precautions and expected side effects? Get answers to these and a lot more in the below post – your complete guide to anti-ED pills.

What Are the Causes for Erectile Dysfunction?

The cause of male impotence is sometimes health disorders. The most common ones are heart disease, diabetes, obesity, neural disorder, enlarged prostate, advanced age, blood circulation problems, etc. Some people have emotional and psychological troubles. This hinders the process that causes an erection.

Stress, anxiety, and performance-related panic can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Similarly, work-life imbalance, lack of sleep, or proper diet can disrupt body functions. These together can lower the quality and frequency of a hard-on. Lack of stimulation is also a factor for ED.

ED can also result from side effects to certain medicines. So, you must know the possible outcomes of taking the medicines you use. If you feel a particular medication is affecting your erection, have a word with your doctor. Chemotherapies, surgeries, injuries, or traumas to the pelvic region, muscles, etc, can also cause impotence.

So, anti-ED medicines will target to bring an erection suitable for making love. Most of these medicines restrict the chemicals that make erections soft. And they enhance the function responsible for giving and maintaining a hard-on.

How Do ED Medications Work?

PDE5 inhibitors are the most common form of ED medicine. They help you achieve an erection if the cause of ED is related to a blood circulation issue. Or, if you have a blood vessel-related problem, even then these medicines can work wonders. For instance, Tadalafil 20 mg boosts blood supply to the penile organ.

This happens by restricting the production of PDE5 enzymes. The medicine enhances the production of nitric oxide. This relaxes the soft muscles and tissues of the male reproductive organ. The shaft of the phallus or corpus cavernosum fills up with blood to give an erection. So, the blood vessels here dilate.

After dilation, the blood circulation increases here. Remember, for PDE5 inhibitors to work, you need adequate sexual stimulation. With the increase in the cGMP enzyme, you can get a hard-on. Also, you can achieve an erection for a certain span according to the primary ingredient in the medication.

But usually, the erection capacity can last for a few hours. This is sufficient to offer you a satisfactory time for intimacy. You need to take the medicine before 30 to 60 minutes of intercourse. You can consume the pill either on an empty stomach or after a light meal.

Which ED Medicine is the Most Effective?

There are several options in branded and generic medicines. PDE5 inhibitors can give you a hard-on within an hour or less depending on the product you use. The medications are available on the internet as well as in offline stores. For instance, you can buy Cialis online, and even its generic version – Tadalafil.

Similarly, you can go for Viagra or Generic Viagra. Remember that branded and generic versions of ED pills are similar in composition to the active ingredient. This is the reason why they are equally effective in taking down erectile dysfunction. So, the choice is yours as to which product you wish to obtain.

Generic medicines are less costly than branded ones. Some of these are available over the counter (OTC). But it is always advisable to consult a doctor to know which of the pills will work for you. You must let your healthcare provider know the symptoms you encounter to get a suitable suggestion.

The key to getting the most out of ED medications is to take them as per your doctor’s prescription. Do not overdose, stick to the dosage advised, and take the pill only if you face ED. Otherwise, do not consume the tablet for recreation purposes. Avoid alcohol and grapefruit juice intake.

How Long Do You Have to Take ED Medications to Treat Impotence?

When there is a problem with penile erection, the doctor will focus to identify the cause. Mostly, the underlying cause is physical, psychological, lifestyle-related, medicine or procedure side effects. So, the treatment plan will try to eliminate the cause of erectile dysfunction.

This will ensure that you get a better hard-on. Along with medicines to cure the cause of ED, the doctor will also suggest ED medications. Now, the duration for which you need to take PDE5 inhibitors and similar pills depends on your physiology. Many other factors will also influence the recovery time.

Thus, the length of an intake of ED medications purely depends on your condition and response to the treatment. Some people get relief from a few weeks of treatment. For others, it can take longer. In severe cases, men have to use the medicine whenever they get intimate.

This is because the cause behind impotence is chronic. For instance, diabetic patients may experience problems achieving an erection. They may have to use a low-dose ED pill if they are unable to get erect during lovemaking.

What is the Right Dosage for Anti-ED Pills?

The right dosage of ED medicines is not universal for everyone. Your doctor may make some adjustments to the standard dosage. This is most probably to suit your health given the underlying cause of impotence. For instance, generic Cialis online is available in 20mg doses. Buy Viagra Online Cheap is available in 100mg, 150mg, 200mg doses.

But both are also available in different dosage formats. Your physician may decrease or increase the dose as per your health requirements. Also, you must not change the dose at your discretion. Take a word from your doctor and only then make dose adjustments.

Do not repeat the second dose if the medication does not exit your body entirely. For instance, you must not take a second dose of Cialis until 36 hours have passed from the first dose. For Viagra, you must wait for at least 24 hours before taking the next pill. So, the right dosage and timeframe to wait for until the next dose depends on the product you use.

How to Take ED Medicines?

Now that you have a clearer view of erectile dysfunction medicines, how do you use them? You have to take the medication with plain water. This is true if the medicine is in pill or tablet form. If the medicine is in jelly form, you can empty the contents in the mouth. The jelly will dissolve in the mouth without water.

Do not break, powder, or chew the tablets. Simply gulp down the pill with water. The medication works the best on an empty stomach. But if you choose to eat something beforehand, ensure it is non-fatty and not too oily. Avoid usage of eatables, medicines, and beverages that interact with the ED medication.

You can get a list of interactions from your doctor. Also, if you use any herbal or dietary supplement, confirm with your healthcare provider if you can take it when on ED pills. Once you take the medicine, wait for an hour or so. It does take some time for the tablet to start working.

How Soon Does ED Pill Give an Erection?

Most of the PDE5 inhibitors provide a hard-on within 30 to 60 minutes of medicine intake. In some cases, the medicine can also work in as less as 20 minutes. Again, the time of action depends on several factors. If you take a heavy and fatty meal or alcohol before the tablet, it can take longer for the pill to work.

Certain food items can make the medicines completely ineffective. Thus, confirm with your doctor as to which food items you must avoid if you plan to take ED medicines. Your health and state of mind also influence the time for ED tablets to work. If you are unwell, the medicine may take longer to work.

Everybody’s body functions differently. Thus, it is not wrong to expect some difference in the duration of medicine to work. Also, psychological troubles can delay the action of tablets further. Lack of sexual interest and stimulation especially can interfere with the erection quality.

What Are the Common Side Effects?

It takes some time for your body to adjust to any medicine. The same is true for ED medicines as well. Until the body adjusts with the particular tablet, you may experience some discomfort. But fortunately, most of the common side effects begin after the effect of the tablet wears off.

Some of the common outcomes are nausea, dizziness, headache, body ache, stomach upset. If you get any allergies to the medicine, then contact emergency care right away. Ensure beforehand you are not allergic to any of the pill ingredients. If there are any other serious outcomes, visit a nearby clinic immediately.

Side effects from overdose are loss of vision, ringing in ears, prolonged erection (Priapism), breathing trouble, etc. To conclude, we can say that ED medications are safe to take. They hardly have any teck side effects if you use them as per the doctor’s instructions.

Any common side effect will not last for a long time. So, you have nothing to worry about. If a certain medicine does not suit you, the doctor can suggest an alternative. Or he/she may adjust the prescribed dose either by lowering or increasing the dosage.

What Are the Precautions to Keep in Mind?

Before you start using medicines to treat erectile dysfunction, there are certain things to keep in mind. Some precautions you need to take before beginning with the course of treatment. And others, you need to maintain after intake of the pill. These precautions keep you safe from health issues and injuries.

ED medicines may cause dizziness in a few people. So, it is advisable for the user to not drive or operate heavy machinery that requires attention, after intake of the medicine. And you must not lift heavy objects as well until the effect of the medicine wears off. This medication is not for women, teenagers, and children.

You must store the medication in its original package. Keep the medicine box in a cool and dry area. Make sure the package is away from direct exposure to moisture and sunlight. You must also let the healthcare provider know of your medical history and the medicines you take.

This will give a better idea to the doctor as to which ED medication to prescribe to you. PDE5 inhibitors are usually not prescribed if you have a serious heart/liver/kidney/psychological condition. So, you must not hide any information about an existing or past illness/disorder from your physician.

To Sum it Up

Erectile Dysfunction is a treatable condition. Medicines such as PDE5 inhibitors are potent to treat male impotence. There are branded and generic versions available in the market. So, you have a wide array of choices available. You must always follow the instructions of your doctor to take the medicine.

Follow the instructions for dosage because everyone’s case is unique. Though standard dose suits most men, your health requirements can differ from the next person. Do not overdose or intake anything that may interact with the medicine. Also, if allergic to ED tablets, look for alternative treatment.

If you encounter any common side effects, do not panic. This is a normal experience and easily manageable. Also, not every user experiences side effects. But in case of an unusual outcome, do not delay a visit to your doctor or the nearest healthcare unit. Females and people under 18 years of age must not use PDE5 inhibitors for sexual dysfunction.

Keep in mind the precautions and ensure the best outcome from ED medications. Keep patience as it takes sexual stimulation and some time for the medicine to work. You can get an erection for up to 4 to 6 hours or even up to 24 to 36 hours as per the medicine you use.

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