GTA Online Payphone Hits: The Contract DLC


The Contract DLC in GTA Online introduces a thrilling series of assassination missions called payphone hits. These are given by Franklin once you’ve completed a minimum of three security contract missions. Here’s a detailed guide to mastering these missions and maximizing your GTA money earnings.

Starting Payphone Hits

After completing your security contract missions, keep an eye out for a flashing payphone icon on your mini-map while in free roam. Answering this call will initiate your first payphone hit mission. Subsequent missions can be ordered directly by calling Franklin on your phone.

Types of Missions

Payphone hits include various targets like The Popstar, The Tech Entrepreneur, The Cofounder, The CEO, The Trolls, The Judge, The Hitmen, and The Dealers. Most of these can be tackled solo, but The Hitmen and The Dealers require at least one member in your organization.

Session Options and Rewards

You can carry out these missions in public, solo, or invite-only sessions. Each mission has a base pay of $15,000, but meeting the special assassination bonus condition can net you an additional $70,000, significantly boosting your GTA money earnings. Associates involved in the mission also receive bonus payouts.

Assassination Bonus

Each mission has a specific condition for an assassination bonus, revealed shortly after the mission begins. Failing to meet this condition might trigger a three-star wanted level or an ambush by enemy NPCs. Successfully meeting the condition allows a smooth exit from the mission area.

Mission Cooldown

After completing a hit, you’ll encounter a twenty-minute cooldown before you can request another. However, if you switch sessions while leading an organization, you can bypass this cooldown by immediately calling Franklin for another hit.

Detailed Mission Guide: The Popstar

Your objective in “The Popstar” is to eliminate a troublesome individual known for his disruptive antics. The target is usually found cruising in an Annis Euros sports car. Here’s a breakdown of each variant:

Variant 1: Police Pursuit

  • Locate a police car (either from a police station or wait for the game to source one for you).
  • Drive to the target and maintain proximity to fill the intimidation bar, causing the target to crash.
  • Assassinate the target and exit the area to complete the mission.

Variant 2: Driveby in a Vagos Lowrider

  • Find and steal the specified Vagos lowrider indicated on your map.
  • Locate the target and perform a driveby assassination using a suitable weapon.
  • Leave the area to successfully complete the mission.

The Tech Entrepreneur

Your mission is to eliminate a target known for drunken escapades outside a hotel. Each variant involves using a taxi, which you can find at a designated location.

Variant 1: Gas Station Explosion

  • Pick up the target in a taxi and drive to a nearby gas station.
  • Park the taxi next to a fuel pump.
  • Shoot the pump to trigger an explosion, eliminating your target.
  • Leave the area to complete the mission.

Variant 2: Drowning

  • Collect the target in a taxi.
  • Drive towards the beach or any water body ensuring the vehicle is submerged.
  • Exit the vehicle just before it hits the water, causing the target to drown inside.
  • Confirm the target’s elimination to complete the mission.

Variant 3: Car Crusher

  • After picking up the target in a taxi, head to the scrapyard.
  • Drive into the designated yellow marker.
  • A cutscene will play, showing the target being crushed in the car crusher, completing the hit.

The Cofounder

The target is typically found in a motel. You have the option to eliminate them as they exit their room or follow specific mission variants.

Variant 1: Explosive Car Modification

  • Locate the target’s rusty Mariachi Tornado at their motel.
  • Drive the car to the nearest Los Santos Customs and install an ‘ignition bomb.’
  • Return the car to its original spot and wait for the target to use it.
  • The bomb will detonate once the target starts the car, completing the mission.

Variant 2: Setting the Car on Fire

  • Approach the target’s car with Molotov cocktails.
  • Wait for the target to enter and close the car door.
  • Throw Molotovs at the car, causing it to catch fire and explode with the target inside.
  • Leave the area after confirming the target’s elimination.

The Cofounder: Variant 3

Objective: Use a scoped rifle to detonate the engine of the target’s car while they are inside.

  • Head to the motel and locate the white bag icon on your mini-map, indicating where to find the scoped rifle.
  • The rifle is typically positioned on nearby rooftops. Climb up, find the bag, and collect the scoped rifle.
  • Wait for the target to leave the motel and enter their car.
  • Use the scoped rifle to precisely shoot the car’s engine, causing it to explode with the target inside.

The CEO: Assassination at a Construction Site

Your mission involves taking down a target who is filming a reality TV show, ‘Closet CEO,’ at a construction site. Each variant requires making the assassination look like a construction accident.

Variant 1: Cargo Container Accident

  • On arriving at the construction site, locate the white bag containing a scoped rifle.
  • Identify the target and wait for the right moment when they are near a suspended cargo container.
  • Use the scoped rifle to shoot the container’s support, causing it to fall and eliminate the target.

Variant 2: Bulldozer Accident

  • Retrieve the scoped rifle from the construction site.
  • Aim at the bulldozer’s driver with the rifle.
  • Shoot the driver, causing the bulldozer to lose control and run over the target, mimicking an accident.

Variant 3: Gas Tank Explosion

  • Acquire the scoped rifle from the same location at the construction site.
  • Locate a gas tank near the target.
  • Use the rifle to shoot the gas tank, triggering an explosion that takes out the target.


Successfully executing these payphone hit missions in GTA Online with precision not only enhances your gameplay experience but also significantly boosts your GTA money earnings. Remember, the key is to make each assassination appear like an accident, blending into the construction site environment. Challenge yourself with these missions, apply these tactics, and enjoy the lucrative rewards that follow!


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