OSRS Ankou Guide


OSRS Ankou Guide

In OSRS, Ankou presents players with a unique blend of challenge, opportunity, and intrigue. These eerie, skeletal beings cloaked in dark robes are not just a source of combat experience and valuable drops but also an integral part of various game mechanics and locations. Their presence across OSRS offers diverse gameplay experiences, making them a notable part of the game’s ecosystem.

Importance of Ankou

Ankou are vital for players seeking to improve combat skills and acquire valuable loot. Despite their daunting appearance, these creatures have a balance of high Hitpoints and low Defence, making them an excellent target for combat training. The drops they offer, such as various runes, Dark fishing bait, and the rare Black robe, are sought after for their utility and value. The versatility in their weakness to both melee and magic attacks opens up various combat strategies, allowing you to experiment and refine your skills.

Slayer and Ankou

In the realm of Slayer tasks, Ankou are a frequent assignment from several Slayer masters. They provide a balanced challenge, especially for mid- to high-level players. Completing tasks involving Ankou contributes significantly to leveling up in Slayer, a skill highly regarded for its benefits and prestige in the game. The experience gained from these tasks is comparatively higher than that from other creatures, making Ankou a favored target for efficient Slayer skill progression. You can extend the Ankou tasks, but keeping it short for points is better.

Ectoplasmator and Ankou

The Ectoplasmator is a valuable tool in combat against Ankou, particularly for those focusing on Prayer skill training. When Ankou are defeated, this item automatically gives you Prayer experience without the manual effort of scattering or burying. This feature streamlines the combat process and ensures efficient use of inventory space and continuous Prayer skill training.

Bonecrusher and Ankou

Similarly, the Bonecrusher complements combat against Ankou by automatically burying their bones, thus providing a steady gain in Prayer experience. This automation benefits players who prioritize efficiency, removing the need for manual bone burial and allowing for uninterrupted combat engagement. Combining Ankou and the Bonecrusher offers a harmonious combat and passive Prayer skill training balance.

Ankou in the Wilderness

The Wilderness Slayer Cave houses higher-level Ankou, offering more substantial experience points and valuable drops. However, the Wilderness is a PvP zone, adding a layer of risk and excitement to Ankou hunting. You must be prepared for potential combat with Ankou and other players, making it a thrilling yet dangerous endeavor. You can also find them in the Cemetery near the Crazy Archaeologist in the Forgotten Cemetery.

Ankou in the Catacombs of Kourend

In the Catacombs of Kourend, Ankou drop unique items, like ancient shards and dark totem pieces, necessary for accessing the Skotizo boss. The area allows for area-of-effect attacks against multiple Ankou, offering efficient combat experience and farming opportunities for valuable items. This location is particularly appealing if you are looking for an intensive combat experience and specific loot or if you’re looking to afk with the protect from melee prayer on.

Ankou in the Stronghold of Security

For newer or mid-level players, the Stronghold of Security is an ideal place to encounter Ankou. It is located under the Barbarian Village and provides a safe and accessible environment for training and combat. The Ankou here are of lower levels and in smaller groups, making them suitable targets for players developing their combat skills.

Ankou in the Stronghold Slayer Cave

Although not a natural habitat for Ankou, the Stronghold Slayer Cave becomes their home when assigned as a Slayer task. This cave offers a controlled environment for slaying, with convenient access to banking and other facilities. It’s a preferred location for players looking to complete Slayer tasks efficiently and in a more manageable setting.

Gear to Use When Killing Ankou

Proper gear selection is crucial when preparing for Ankou combat. High-defense armor like Dragon or Barrows sets is recommended for melee fighters, along with weapons with strong slash or stab bonuses like the Abyssal whip or Dragon scimitar. The infernal cape or fire cape is also a good asset, but if you have neither, use an Obsidian cape. Magic users should opt for robes that enhance magical accuracy, like Mystic or Ahrim’s robes, and powerful staves like Staff of the Dead or Trident of the Seas. Additionally, bringing suitable food, potions, and stat boosting is essential. When venturing into the Wilderness, players should consider the risks and carry gear they can afford to lose in PvP situations.


Using the Dwarf Multicannon while fighting Ankou in OSRS significantly enhances the efficiency and dynamics of combat. This artillery piece, known for its ability to hit multiple targets rapidly, aligns perfectly with the environments where Ankou are densely congregated, such as the Stronghold of Security or the Stronghold Slayer Cave. Deploying the cannon transforms the combat experience, allowing you to engage in a more passive yet effective combat style. This is particularly advantageous if you aim to multitask or expedite Slayer tasks.

Integrating the Dwarf Multicannon into Ankou’s combat strategy offers several benefits. Firstly, it increases the rate at which you can defeat Ankou, thereby accelerating the experience points gains and valuable drops. Secondly, it allows you to train other skills simultaneously or manage inventory and health more efficiently, as the cannon handles a significant portion of the combat workload. However, you must be mindful of the cannon’s ammunition and maintenance requirements and the initial investment to acquire it, but if that’s too much, you can consider whether to buy OSRS gold. The strategic placement of the cannon also plays a crucial role in maximizing its effectiveness. Overall, the Dwarf Multicannon is a powerful ally in the battle against Ankou, offering a blend of efficiency, convenience, and enhanced combat experience.

Final Thoughts

Ankou in OSRS provides a rich and varied gaming experience, catering to different player levels and objectives. Whether engaging in Slayer tasks, seeking valuable loot, training combat skills, or looking for excitement in the Wilderness, Ankou are an excellent choice. They offer a unique blend of challenge, opportunity, and diversity in gameplay, requiring thoughtful preparation, understanding of their habitats, and strategic gear selection. The multifaceted nature of Ankou makes them an integral part of the OSRS universe, offering something for every player, from the novice to the veteran.

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