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Do you love casino games and used to go to the gambling halls? But now your activities no longer allow you to satisfy that sweet sin. Did you know that playing games at the online élő kaszinó Fairspin is a great alternative? From the comfort of your own home, follow your favorite gambling games and place your bets while interacting with real croupiers and other players. No, it’s not a bluff. You’ll learn all about the magic of live online casinos.

What is a live dealer game in a casino?

Live dealer games give you access to your favorite table games wherever you are. Live casino games are not regulated by computer software. The vendors are real people. That’s the biggest difference.

In so-called classic online casino games, a random number generator shuffles and deals the cards. In a live casino table game, the dealer is in charge. Moreover, you can follow these gestures in real time.

Live casino dealer games: how does it work?

Live casino gaming is based on a simple but ingenious method. The games are real, initiated by chance and people, unlike table games triggered by a random number generator. In short, we find ourselves face-to-face with a croupier in the flesh. Filming takes place in studios specially equipped for the occasion. The croupier handles the cards, throws the balls, in short, he controls the game.

In other cases, the games are filmed from a real land-based casino. There, a table with all the necessary facilities is allocated. Visitors are more than welcome here. After all, the principle is that the online player plays as if he were present, even if he is thousands of miles away, behind his screen. 

In any case, these sessions are filmed for live streaming in the online casino. It is not for nothing that this mode is also called live casino. Depending on the games and platforms, online casino games may be streamed without interruption.

Types of live casino games

Since live casino only affects the mode of play, most casino games can be offered live. But generally speaking, there are three main categories: table games, lotteries and game shows.

Live table games

This term includes all classic casino games that take place on a gaming mat with a croupier. These include online blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat. Craps, sic bo and craps are also available in a live casino. Compared to the other categories, they are more common in the online casino version. As for poker, Fairspin online casino is worth a visit. For its part, it offers online roulette, blackjack and baccarat in an accelerated and multiplier-enhanced version.

Live casino lotteries

Live Fairspin online casino this type of game allows you to bet on live lottery draws. Of course, online keno and live Fairspin online casino bingo are also very popular.

Game Show

These are games inspired by game shows. Generally, these are original games based on randomness, even if much of it uses the principle of the wheel of fortune.

Live casino games are available on mobile devices

Smartphones have become the favorite gaming doormats of gambling enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, casino operators and publishers are following this trend. The best live Fairspin online casino games are available from your cell phone. Thanks to HTML5 technology, live casino sessions remain seamless. There are no delays in the games that could interfere with your concentration.

Get a bonus at a live casino

If slot machines remain the undisputed stars in this area, more and more sites are offering live casino bonuses. In fact, getting a bonus at a live online casino is no longer uncommon. Among the most recurring offers are:

  • Welcome Bonus.
  • Deposit bonuses.
  • Cashback.
  • Tournaments.

Other benefits also continue to be associated with live games, including loyalty point exchanges and exclusive bonuses reserved for VIPs. Opportunities abound. It’s important to be a member of an online casino that offers this.

Tips before you start playing at a casino with a live dealer

At this point, you no longer need to be convinced to play live casino games. So, here are some tips on how to optimize your gaming experience. First, make sure you have the right materials.

An unstable internet connection prevents you from enjoying the joys of a live casino properly. Images can freeze, which can frustrate you and cause you to lose the game. Also check the status of your computer or cell phone.

Then choose a reliable and serious online casino like Fairspin. Before you start playing at a live casino, make yourself comfortable. Prefer a quiet place where you can hear the dealer’s comments and focus more easily.

As with all gambling, set up a bankroll to maintain some control. The live games at Fairspin online casino are so exciting that you won’t even notice the clock ticking. This will be problematic if you spend all your savings there.

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