6 Types of personal loan charges that you should know


These days, people want to borrow money in the form of a personal loan by contacting banks or financial institutions. Many banks there provide personal loans to individuals. Banks approve these loans immediately without needing to submit a lot of collateral and documents. 

The CIBIL score also plays an important role when deciding on the personal loan interest rate. There are no limitations on the usage of the funds. Banks from where you are planning to avail of the personal loan impose some charges.  A personal loan is , known as the an unsecured loan, which means you do not need to submit a lot of collateral to get approval for a loan. 

Loan processing charges

While approving and processing the loan, the bank has to pay the administrative expenses. It imposes a negligible sum that differs from bank to bank, and the cost lies between 0.5% to 2.50% percent of the total amount of a personal loan. The maximum and the minimum percentage of the processing fees that the borrower pays are must set by the bank. 

Verification charges

A bank must have the circumstances that you can repay the loan amount before sanctioning. They have to pay the third-party organization for the credentials verification. They look at the payback history and the credit back history. 

EMI defaults penalty

Banks allow you to pay the loan amount in the EMI ( equated monthly installments) in particular quantities. You may have to pay the fine if you miss any EMI. So instead of attempting to pay the EMI of the loan quickly, choose the installment cards that you can afford at a particular time. 

Duplicate statement fees

You can approach the bank for the personal loan if you want to duplicate the statement as per your payment schedule. On the other hand, if you lose track of the overall amounts of the personal loan. You can get information from the banks related to the paying of the nominal fees. 


The customer should have to pay the GST tax in the form of a small amount if they require the additional services during the repayment period or the time of the loan approval. 

Foreclosure/ Repayment penalty

If you pay off the debt before the specific duration according to the agreement, your bank will face a loss because you already pay the loan amount earlier. Your bank should possess the foreclosure or the repayment penalty as compensation under loss. A bank will include 2-4 percent of the foreclosure or the prepayment fees. 


This article will cover information on the types of personal loan charges. All the detailed information on every type of emotional loan charge is given in this article. If you are planning to get a personal loan from any bank, then you must have the information on all types of charges, so you can save your funds from falling into the penalty charges. It is recommended to pay the EMI on time. 

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